We are surfers at heart, working to make a difference.

In our factory in Hawthorne, California we custom build hand-crafted and artistic surfcraft that creates stoke in and out of the water. Simply put, we make the raddest shortboards, mid-lengths, longboards, and SUPs, that also keep our Mother Earth stoked by using only the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials and processes.

E3 Surf Craft operates under 3 Core “E” Principles.

1. Excellency in Craftsmanship. We take great pride in our American Hand-Crafted, California made boards. Our boards are the anti-thesis to disposable Asian "pop-outs" as they are made by the highest skilled craftsmen in the business and made with the best performing materials resulting in "Rad Boards, Made Right..”

2. Eco-Sustainability.  We are all Mother-Lovers. As such, over the years we’ve painstakingly tried and perfected performance board building utilizing only the most eco-friendly materials (EPS recycled blanks, bio epoxy resin, wood veneers) and processes (recycling foam blank cut offs, bio epoxy resins, etc.) featuring our renown Earth Technologies board construction.

3. Education. In addition to being surfers, we are also story-tellers. We have made a deliberate attempt through our many communication channels (social media, website, printed board catalogs, etc.) to share with others our unique eco board construction and demonstrate why there need not be a tradeoff between performance and eco-sustainability.